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I have been dealing with this note 10+ for a year. It has been nothing but a head ache. Verizon obviously doesn't care about their customers any more. I am stuck making payments on a phone that wont work.
I have had 2 of the Note 10+ .. one was 5G and one wasn't and all you will do is send me a replacement phone.. and that won't work either these phones are complete garbage and I forced to continue to make payments on a phone that is complete garbage. I have been though all the trouble shooting steps and it doesn't fix the problem. All this while my mom is dying! This is not right. I will never buy a Samsung phone again. This whole situation has been terrible.
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Re: Samsung phones
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This isn't the type of experience we want for you. We want to ensure you get a working device. Could you please tell us more about the issue you are experiencing? When did this issue start? - ChristianP_VZW

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What's the issue?  My verizon branded note 10 plus has no issues and it's an awesome phone.  Don't have the 5g one.   I switched from LG.  Was always and LG fan but lately not impressed with their phones and our G 6's the charging ports failed.  Mary