Samsung s7 won't reboot; died when using, charging connected at that time
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History: phone was charged and on charger when using it and it died. Went dark quickly, no warning just went dark.

Unable to get phone to turn back on using normal on button.

Looked online for help and tried to reset, nothing.

Attempted to do a recover booting. At first attempt there was no 'menu'. Notice came up and went dark again - no further response.

Subsequent attempt to recover booting I was able to ask for the general reboot (not factory settings). Again the blue notice read recover rebooting. Nothing else happened. 

Left phone off charger for the night and went to Verizon store next day. An associate went to reset (volume hi and lo and on buttons) and surprisingly it noted a 0% charge. Claiming it was a dead battery which I doubted.

Charged phone for several hours at home, phone is taking current, phone warm as normal during charging.

I have tried several sequences of buttons, the screen shows various images. Sometimes it claims it is updating; sometimes it said to use troubleshooting software ( can't, won't power up ).  Images are up for several seconds then screen goes dark again.

I did suspect the battery or its connections but the screen does show  images so I doubt it.

I would like to know if there is any way to recover data from this phone if I cannot get it to power up again.  Is there any software that would work on one of the removed internal components of the phone?

Does anyone have any idea of what I can try next with this phone. It appears to me that the firmware/bios has been corrupted.

The battery I can change but I'm not sure it will make a difference, still I not sure if this is correct.

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Re: Samsung s7 won't reboot; died when using, charging connected at that time
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Oh, no! Dealing with phone issues can be overwhelming, especially if your Samsung Galaxy S7 won't reboot. We want to aid you in the best way possible. We sent you a Private Note, please review at your best convenience. ~Gilbert