Samsung trade-in while still making device payments
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My Verizon Note 5G 10+ has numerous issues for me.  No 5G and universally bad cell reception are the most common.  (I won't rehash what I've already posted elsewhere on).

I would like to either go with a Note 20 Ultra or the Galaxy Fold 2.  Samsung has an offer giving me x amount of dollars for my Note 10+ as a trade in (and per the details of their offer, even when not paid off).  I would have to keep paying Verizon for the phone but Samsung said they will take it as a valid trade.

Will Verizon allow me to continue paying on it until it is paid off or nail me for the remaining $700 all at once?

This is how much I want out of the Note 10+.  I love the Note series and have had several over the years, but this one is trouble.  I even swapped the SIM once and then a month later dropped it and broke the screen leading to a swap out for $29.  Even after the swap outs the trouble remains leading me to believe it is with the mainboard.

Anyway, my main question remains as to how Verizon might handle this scenario..?

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Re: Samsung trade-in while still making device payments
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Hello there! We're terribly  sorry to read about the situation. We know it's important to have a working device, and we'd love to help. To clarify your question, you can trade-in your device, and we will continue to bill you every month as long as you keep the line active. Now, we also would love to check your options before you buy a new phone. Please reply to our private note to better assist you.