Save a voicemail greeting permanently
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Hi Everyone:

My wife passed away recently. I want to save her voicemail greeting on her phone permanently if possible. I want to trade in the phone but preserve that greeting somewhere else if I can.

Looks as if this is not a simple matter of saving a file. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to do this? The phone is a samsung galaxy S9

Thank you very much!

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Re: Save a voicemail greeting permanently
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Put the phone on speaker and play the greeting and record it with another device like a mini voice recorder or you can download recorder apps to the phone that will record what's playing on the phone and  make a file that way.    That's what I did as I didn't know another way.  

Re: Save a voicemail greeting permanently
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We are so very sorry to learn about your wife's passing, msmck_51. We can certainly understand wanting to save that voicemail greeting to be able to hear her voice. acraftylady2 did provide a good option for you to save the message. You can also contact CBW Productions to see if they can save it another way for you. Here is there website to get more details: