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I am unable to resolve an issue with the Security and Privacy alerting me I have a Trojan horse virus from a game I have played and spent money on for years. I have factory reset my phone and after reinstalling the game the same alert comes uo. Safe mode same thing. No one has been able to help resolve tbis issue. I worked as a VZW Tech Support Coordinator for 10 yrs and have completed every step but an NRB troubleticket. Can anyone help resolve this?

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It looks like you might have what is known as a "false flag." If you have gotten this app through the play store, it should be safe, especially if it's a popular game and has been around a while. If it is indeed a false flag, the problem is on the Verizon end. They have to address that in their software. The other thing you can do is notify the game app developers. They don't want their app getting flagged as a Trojan, so they may be able to fix the problem on their end. If you didn't get the app from the play store, then I'd be concerned that it is in fact a Trojan or even spyware.
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I'm not a fan of error messages either, JASWHI92. I would like to help you get to the root cause of this issue to find the best solution once and for all. Are you only getting that error message when installing that game? Have you tried reaching out to the game developer to rule out it's not an issue on their end?


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