Send All Calls Except From Contacts To Voicemail?
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I now get about 8 spam scam calls to my phone for each legitimate call.

I do want to give each legitimate caller a chance to leave a message, so I have the call reject feature set up to send them to voice mail when I swipe reject call instead of answer call.

When I manually reject each call not showing as from my contacts list, maybe one of 20 or 30 of the scammers leaves a message, which is not much of a problem.

Is there a way to automate this? A feature or app that will automatically send all calls to voicemail that are not in my contacts. This would make it so my phone doesn’t ring, which is the main bother, and I don’t have to manually reject so many calls.

Kind of like a junk mail folder in email with only email from contacts going to inbox.

I used to enjoy hearing my phone ring thinking it would be a friend or family member but now there is a decidedly negative emotion associated with the phone ringing.

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Bonden, we want to bring the join back into receiving phone calls! I know that getting spam calls can be an annoyance. For starters, can you please provide me with the make and model of your cell phone? Have you had the chance to review the details of the Call Filter App Please keep us posted. KevinR_VZW


I understand that  iPhones can be setup to direct all phone calls not on the contacts list directly to voice mail. Can my android phone do the same thing? Galaxy S20 plus 5G SAMSUNG phone. Thanks.