Service keeps going from 4Gg to 3g to 1x, Samsung Note 8
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This just started on Friday. I have had Verizon for 14 years, same house same internet nothing has changed. On Friday 24 Aug my calls kept dropping. I thought it was the person on the other end then I realized it was my service. I have contacted customer service, things i have done....

1. Reset my phone

2. Reset my network settings.

3. Pulled my sim card

4. Went in and changed my mobile network back to LTE/CDMA. (it was on Global I have not idea why)

5. Tried to use wifi calling, CALLS still dropped.

What is going on???? I have Verizon because at the time it was the only service that was reliable in my area. My zip code it 30291.

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Someone linked me to my troubleshooting page but I took all those steps and my phone is still not operating properly. Prior to calling I have 4G once I initiate a call it goes to no bars at all to 1x to one bar. Not only is this happening on my personal cell phone it is also happening on my work cell phone which Verizon is the provider.

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I rely on my phone to work where I need it most and we want to ensure you have working service where you need it, miamiu_27. We appreciate your loyalty and your efforts thus far and want to continue digging into this. To confirm, do you have trouble with calls outside of your home? Are you experiencing any issues with text or data? Is anyone experiencing the same issues? Has there been any changes in the area such as new construction or storms? 


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