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Several issues I am hoping some one can help me with




First let me start off by saying some good things( because there aren't I Love the samsung Fascinate overall (Super Amoled screen, size, and speed). Now the bad stuff. I don't like the fact that verizon try to push down our throats Bing. Today I spoke with a Verizon representative and while assisting me with a billing question she mentioned she was thinking of getting the Fascinate we discussed the pros and cons. When I mentioned how I did not like Bing, She said that it was not Verizon's choice but Samsung and Microsoft who made the decision. This is where I kinda let her know she wasn't dealing with someone who isn't aware of what verizon did and consider myself kind of a nerd when it comes to technology. She stopped once she realized all the bugs I pointed out to her about the Fascinate. Why did Verizon also do away with Audio on turn by turn navigation. I understand they have VZ Navigator but if I wanted VZN I would have purchased a non android phone. At least give us the option. Another possibility could have been for them to leave google alone and allow VZN for those who do not have or do not wish an Android phone. Please, please, please either try to fix GPS problem or work with Samsung to try and get it resolved. Very disappointing to see other carriers have audio turn by turn and gps included in data plans and working(GPS soon to be fixed on the Captivate and others; but no word on Fascinate GPS fix). Please allow for the search button to be changed to have is as Google without having to root the phone. Please, Please, Please allow us to remove bloatware as it is taking up space and resources which can be used for other applications( remove Blockbuster since filling Chapter 11 and prefer Netflix, CityID dont like, Bing dislike, mobile hotspot dont plan on using, Tetrid and Need for speed to remove all Vcast apps with exception of my verizon mobile). If we wanted those applications we would have downloaded them ourselves. Please, Please allow Samsung Media Hub to function as oppossed to Vcast. Again If I wanted Vcast I would have downloaded it. Verizon has turn a Great phone in to an ok borderline phone in terms of software and layout. Hardware specs are great but damaged by poor software and presentation by Verizon. I understand Droid series is Verizon's Bread and Butter but there was no need to butcher SF. Allow for consumers to decide. And, Last but not least Please, Please, Please allow us to update to Froyo Today if possible. I would like to maximize the potential of the SF. Just my two cents on what I would like fixed and and work arounds ppl may have found which I could possibly uses until bugs are fixed and Froyo is ready for SF. 

Re: Several issues I am hoping some one can help me with
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They didn't do away with audible turn-by-turn directions.  You can still get google maps from the market and use Google Nav. As for Bing and the other bloatware, there's no chance in any of that being removed.  That's the price you pay for a subsidized phone.