Signal Drops from 4G to 1x When Texting

Roar...I have a Galaxy S20 Turbo Ultra 5G Extreme Ultimate King Ranch <insert whatever other buzzwords here>.  When I'm at home (zip 31312) where it's always 4G (but a weak signal), as soon as I text someone, I get the little blue "thinking" circle, and after about 15 seconds the 4G drops to 1x.  About 15 seconds later the message finally sends and the signal goes back to 4G.

I went to a verizon store and the employee claims "Oh it's a bad sim card, so here's a replacement".  Didn't make any difference.

Went back to the verizon store, and the same employee now claims "Oh that means the phone has a bad antenna.  We'll order a replacement phone."  Didn't make any difference.  Of course Verizon threatens a $500  charge if a returned phone doesn't have an issue.  Want to take bets I'll have to fight that charge?

I assume this is just a terrible network that is unable to provide even the most basic service of texting?

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Re: Signal Drops from 4G to 1x When Texting
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Hello, we can look into this for you. We want you to have easy access to your services. Please send us a Private Note to proceed.