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Signal Freak Out

So here's the situation....

Last night I was texting. I was in an area that ALWAYS has signal; maybe not the best, but still. I was about to send a text, right when there happened to be no signal whatsoever. Thinking it was a glitch ( I know it happens once in awhile), I sent the message. I thought "Hey, once there's signal it'll send." This is when the problem arouse. The signal kept going back from having signal, to none at all....several times [no seconds in-between]. According to the phone, the message was never sent, but the receiver....was extremely upset because he kept getting the same message over and over. I had to turn off my phone several times before it stopped doing this.

This has never happened before. What was going on?

Re: Signal Freak Out

A million things could of happened... the signal may be weak in that area at that time due to the amount of users, there may have been a tower outage, the other phone you were sending it to may have not been in tower range, your phone may have just dropped connection for a while... happens to every phone at some point