Signal and 4G speed no longer usable
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I used to get halfway decent service here.  It actually worked better years back on 3G than it does now on 4G lite..   I pay $75.00 a month and most of the time I can't get over half a mpb of speed now.  Only one bar and I have to stand in a certain place and get it exactly right just to use 4G or get a internet signal at all.   I can't believe that they get away with doing people like this.  It has been steadily getting worse and worse for months now.  It barely works at all any more.  I just paid again and I thought maybe they were throttling the heck out of it because I used about 30G for the month..  NOPE.. It's just as bad and I paid this morning.   Verizon don't give a garbage either.  They just throttle the heck out of us down here.    They all need to be reported and Congress needs to file suit on behalf of customers because NOBODY is getting anything we're paying for these days.. Completely sorry now..

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