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Signal strength 0 dBm

The other day I went to check my mail and got a connection error warning me to check my data connection. I looked at my bars and it was empty. I went to settings -> about phone -> status -> signal strength and it was 0 dBm.


I was mad that day and just left it. Usually inside my office I get about -86 dBm like I am getting right now.


I left the town I work in and drove 15 minutes to my town I live in. I forgot about connection until the land line at home rang. The wife was wondering why I was not answering my phone. I checked the fascinate and it was still at 0 dBm. This was 4 hours later since the first time I discovered the 0 dBm signal!  I thought for sure once I got outside it would see towers again on its own, but it did not. Not even after driving past several towers on my way home.


This is the first time I have seen it and I am not happy since this phone has numerous other issues that never seem to get fixed.


I turned off the phone.

I waited a minute and turned on the phone.

During the boot process I saw it lock onto the cell towers again.

Once it was booted I confirmed it was using the towers again.


The phone itself was not fully frozen because I was able to listen to music streaming through Bluetooth during 3 hours of the 4 hour period. The phone responded to me waking it 4 hours to see that the signal was 0 dBm. It is almost like a portion of the phone software stopped and never restarted like  a service on a computer would do.


I am not certain what happened here, but that is just plain sad it even happened to begin with. I hope it never happens again, but I have no faith in the phone at all anymore.