Signal strength

Around 30 days ago I lost signal for better part of the day. When signal came back later that day, its next to non existent and hasn't improved.

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Re: Signal strength
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out today. As a valued customer, your service concerns are always our top priority. I depend heavily on my service too and it saddens me to hear that you're experiencing signal issues.  I apologize for your inconvenience, and we're here to help.


Can you tell us more about this matter? For example, which of your services is being affected? (e.g., calls, text, web browsing, etc.) Is this happening while you're indoors, outdoors, or both?


May I ask what troubleshooting steps have you initiated? We want to avoid having you repeat troubleshooting steps you may have already completed.


Thanks for your time and patience.



-Robert C.