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I just got a Samsung s9 and my old phone is a s4. The sim card is too big for the new phone. How do I fix this while still having my current cell phone number  ?

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Lettercarrier12, congratulations on your new phone. I know that I would be anxious to start enjoying it. SIM cards have changed since the S4 was available. As a result, you will need a new SIM card to activate your new phone. To ensure that we provide accurate information, do you have a contract account or a pay in advance account? For our contract accounts, changing the SIM will not have you losing your cell number as you have the option to change your phone as you need. In this case, you may order a new SIM card by signing in to My Verizon, choose Activate a Device, put in the device id for your new S9, and you will then have the option to enter the SIM or have one sent to you. Please select to have one sent and we will ship a new card to you for the S9. Does this help to explain? If my response answered your question please click the _Correct Answer_ button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!  LorenB_VZW