Slow speed,
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Exremly slow speed internet downlod 1Mbps. drop calls. 

the worst part is , that it shows you 4G LTE with 3 bars. (why you are lying to people?) if your internet is 3G , just show us 3g Not 4G LTE.Screenshot_20190504-131703_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20190504-131010_Speedtest.jpg

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Re: Slow speed,
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We would never want you to to leave. We certaintly want to make sure you get the service thaat you pay for. When did you first notice these issues? TaylorH_VZW

Re: Slow speed,
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3G 4G etc is tech not a speed. Also bars means nothing when it comes to speed. It's showing the strength of the conenction. Also there is not standard to know what 3 bars means. Each phone makers decide what 3 bars means. Also Google's speedtests are notorious innaccurate. On the other speed test did you try several servers or just oen and assumed that was accurate? If Verizon is so bad go back to t-mobile. Why make 15 posts on it. Especially on a customer to customer forum. I'm not sure what you expect other customers to do.