Software Update Test Process
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Hello, I am wondering about the software update testing process that Verizon uses and how it determines when a software update is scheduled. For example, for One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy S21 Series in the USA, internal testing began in January and it is still ongoing, current test build ends with GXBF and that is subject to change. Is there usually a deadline for when updates usually are scheduled? Like One UI 6.1, it is expected to be released during Q1 2024 (according to Verizon) but who knows if it is specifically scheduled for March or April, which are the typical months for One UI x.1 updates each year, last year they sped up and release x.1 (5.1) in February to the Verizon model S21 Series. I guess that the testing process for this year's One UI 6.1 is taking longer than usual because the S21 Series won't get Galaxy AI but other One UI 6.1 features. I do know Verizon has their own software engineering team which is likely responsible for maintaining the software updates website and internal testing. I do have a lot of knowledge regardless but further input from a Software Engineer or a Verizon employee that has information would be greatly appreciated. I am always not sure about software update release dates as the wait can be unbearable.

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