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Solved: Facebook Notifications

Please excuse if you have already have this figured out...


1.  Login to Facebook on your personal computer.

2.  Click on "Account", then on Account Settings.

3.  Click on Notifications.

4.  Click "Send Notifications to phone via SMS"

5.  A pop-up screen will appear to activate FB texts.  Choose Country, and then Carrier.

6.  Text "F" to 32665 (fbook) (via your cell phone).  You will receive a confirmation code.

7.  Enter confirmation code.

8.  In Facebook, under the "My Account" page, you will be able to make many selections both on the Notifications page and the Mobile Page on how you choose to receive your notifications.  To quote FB:  "

You have activated Facebook Mobile. You can now receive friend requests, messages, wall posts, and status updates on your phone, or upload photos and videos on the go.*"  *=

Facebook does not charge for this service. However, Verizon's normal text messaging rates still apply.
FB does give you an option on who to choose to receive status updates from, but you have to choose each one individually.  I'm "beta" testing this right now to see how it works with just three peeps.
  I've had no problems getting stuff sent to my email (via K-9 Mail), but that happens only if someone sent me a message OR if they replied to one of my posts.  What if someone I care about makes a post?  Hopefully, this will be the solution!  The only catch if any is that it is sent via sms, but it's quick.  I have unlimited texts, but someone else may not.  Also, you may get "double stuff".  Things sent via e-mail and also via sms.  Check your settings!
Hope this helps!!
PS:  SF with FB app installed.
Re: Solved: Facebook Notifications

It's been working for me, but I limited FB notifications to just messages and replies only.  Anything more and it's a PITA.

Re: Solved: Facebook Notifications

Ummm .. fb notifications have been available via sms or email before a fb app was ever created.  It is truly a PITA to have to delete every sms or email from every notification from fb. If you have Android download Flow .. it is a replacement app for fb and uses push notification.