Sorry That The Galaxy S10+ Is So Slippery
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I received the phone on Tuesday, March 29.  I found it difficult to hold because the shell is very smooth and slippery.  I have severe osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis in my hands.  I didn't have a case for it yet, ad on Sunday, April 3, I was trying to use it and it slipped out of both hands, fell 2 feet and landed on the lower left corner.  The fall cracked the faceplate, making the phone non-returnable.  I got the case two days later, great timing, huh?  Then Verizon starts sending me emails about the protection plans available.  Probably not worth trying to get the phone replaced as there are no more in stock.  The amount of damage isn't significant and is mostly covered by the edge of the case.  At least, the case makes it a whole lot less slippery.

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Re: Sorry That The Galaxy S10+ Is So Slippery
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I'm sorry to hear that the device slipped out of your hands, fuzznose, and I am here to help in any way I can! Let's get into your account and review what options we have available. To get started, please send us a Private Note, I am standing by to help!