Spam Texts
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I have been getting around 10 spam texts per day for the last few months.  I have tried contacting Verizon support and they told me to install call filter.  However, this does nothing for text messages and is only designed for spam calls.  Then support told me to forward all spam texts to 7726.  I have been doing this for months and it has not decreased the amount of spam texts I get.  I do not want to change my phone number, so I need another solution:

  1. Most of these spam texts are coming from Ontario Canada.  Is there a way to automatically block foreign text messages(Or area codes)?
  2. I have read other threads where people have been having the same problem and this has been going on for years.  Is Verizon working on any new tools specifically for blocking spam texts?  There is no point to blocking a phone number because spammers always use a new number
  3. If you can't fix this problem, do you have an API that I can use that allows me to access my account so I can handle the problem myself?  All I need is the ability to access my text messages before my phone gets them so that I can send the spam messages directly to my trash.  I have no problem paying for a service like this
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