Spelling error in "system update" message? Is this real???
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I keep getting asked to perform a system update on my Galaxy S7.  It started 2 days ago and gets to a point where I must either schedule it, or turn my phone off and restart.  It will not allow me to skip it.

But the update message has MISSPELLED the word "system".  It says: "syatem" update.  This is VERY SUSPICIOUS to me.  Are the people at Samsung morons?  Is this a spelling mistake on Samsung's part, or is this something else like a fake (virus?) update?

Re: Spelling error in "system update" message?  Is this real???
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Re: Spelling error in "system update" message? Is this real???
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It's important to us that you have the best experience possible on your device. Software updates are sent by the manufacturer to remove issues, improve the performance of your phone, and implement new features. You can verify if that software is legit by tapping Settings>Software Updates>Check for System Updates.
Click the link below for more information regarding the most recent software update that became available on 07/01/2018: 


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