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Still waiting for my replacement phone
Enthusiast - Level 1

I like many others, am part of this forced recall on the Galaxy Note 7.  To my understanding if i chose another Samsung device there were special arrangements like $100 to a future bill and things of that nature.  I placed an order for the Note 5.  I like the features of the note (my old phone was the original note edge)  I sent my old phone in as a trade in and 3 days later..... BOOM.....  mandatory recall.  I went to my local verizon store as well as any other verizon outlet i passed and nobody had any more samsung devices....they urged me to try online.  I went online and placed my order for the Note 5.  That was a month ago.  On the website my shipping day disappeared. (was supposed to be 11/15)  I called and did online chatting and after being transfered around from rep to rep they still have no answers to give as to why I don't have my new phone or any form of communication letting me know what is going on,  I am now stuck with a Note 7 that will only charge to 60 percent waiting for a phone that i have no idea if it is even coming.  soooo frustrating....i may have to scrap verizon and go somewhere else,

Re: Still waiting for my replacement phone
Contributor - Level 1

feeling your pain here.... same situation... but waiting for the iphone7+ was even worse.

Re: Still waiting for my replacement phone
Champion - Level 1

Where you gonna go when no one has the note 5!either.