Stolen Note 8 with no Google access

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to get the Google 2 step verification code sent to recovery email instead of texting the phone thats lost or stolen?

or Know how to locate a stolen phone without Google or Verizon's useless help?

        My brand newly replaced Note8 was stolen yesterday from one of my local shops! Can't trust anyone anymore 😞 I was unable to log into my Google account because the 2 step verification kept wanting to text the phone and there was no option to send code to recovery email. Chatted with Verizon for forever and in the end their solution was for me to call Google! I can't call-no phone!! Cripes. Filed a police report, who knows if that will do anything...

Please help

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Re: Stolen Note 8 with no Google access

You only have other authentication options if you set them up ahead of time.  

You need to go to verizon and get a new SIM card for your account, and get some kind of phone to use it in.  

you can login to android device manager on another device or computer to try and track your phone.

If you set up Samsung security with Samsung account, that’s alternate to your google account   

It’s not the carriers job to track the phone.