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Stop requesting replacement phones

What are you expecting all verizon does is wipe and reinstall the OS check for physical damages and send it back out

And you expect different results

the sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result......

The only true fix for the cellphone scams being pulled is contact your Congressman or Senator  inform them of all the issues you are experiencing now and have always experienced with just about ever cellphone you have ever owned

They overprice the phone to get you into a contract and then they do not care about your phone

they start pass the buck it verizon no its Samsung no its google responsibilty...

There is no other place you can buy a product and be stuck with a defective product because consumer protection laws are in place to protect you against these tactics except where cellphones are concerned they seem to get away with what ever they choose to do.

It is time for them to allow us to buy our phones where we want and use it on what ever provider we choose

But Verizon and ATT have made sure their devices are not compatible. LTE was supposed to make it easier and all providers devices more compatible

Buy they won't do that because it puts us back in control .....

Call your State And Federal Representitives make them understand we all are being scammed  they need to change the way these business operate.

A side note Verizon CEO 20 milloin dollar bonus and they are laying off 1700+ employees

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

Re: Stop requesting replacement phones
Sr. Member

Not everyone returned their Nexus because it was defective, and there are plenty that are not defective.

Mine never suffered from any of the problems that so many people complain about.

I never had wifi bootloops, no dropped calls, no signal issues, and no mic cutout.

Re: Stop requesting replacement phones

I got my Galaxy Nexus in March. It was immediately a piece of junk, in terms of ability to make/receive calls or to do so without dropping. I had to do the ole "sit in a certain part of the house" trick to get my signal up to around -105 dbm in order to make a call. Otherwise, my signal hovered around -120 dbm which is about as bad as it gets.

I came from a Motorola Droid X, which worked perfectly in any area of my house.

After reading numerous posts and articles about the signal issues with this Nexus phone, I figured I was doomed to having a crappy phone - or that I'd have to spent hours dealing with VZW customer service. I upgraded to the IMM76K 4.0.4 update, and it did absolutely no good. I tried everything, and failed to get the phone to work.

I was resigned to failure until I ran into my cousin who has the exact same phone. Holding them side by side, his was pulling 3-4 bars, and mine was pulling no bars (an "x"). This was sorta the last straw and convinced me that it must be a hardware issue with my particular device, and that it was worth screwing around with VZW to try and get a replacement.

I went in to the VZW store last week and asked for a replacement Nexus. They sent me one, with basically no questions asked. I got the new one, and it works great so far.

I guess the point here is that it was actually worth it for me to request a replacement. My phone was so utterly bad, that there was no other option. And so far, I'm glad I did, because I love everything about this phone - assuming it works for making and receiving calls. Just my $.02.

Re: Stop requesting replacement phones

You sound like you just left an Occupy rally. The last thing we need is the federal government sticking their noses into private business more than they already do. If you don't like it, then vote with your wallet and take your business to a different carrier. I see all these posts calling for class action lawsuits and more government involvement in private business. I don't know when the last time a class action lawsuit did anything but make a bunch of lawyers rich and the last thing I want is to have to deal with a government entity to get cell service.

Who cares what the Verizon CEO makes. If you don't like it then choose a different carrier.

It's just a cell phone people! OMG!

I do agree with you to some extent on the replacement phones. I generally refuse to do a phone replacement because history has shown me that you're getting a refurb phone, which generally has some other issue or issues. I'd rather not replace my new phone with a refurb, when most of the issues are software related.