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I bought my Nexus about a month ago through Best Buy. They made sure they gave me one that had been "Re-done" seeing how the first one had so many glitches. The only thing so far that I do have an issue with is the "quality" of sound from certain callers. Was funny as I dialed 611 for a question and the automated and the gal speaking sounded like this ."crrrraaaccccckkkklleeee'--------shhhhhheeeeeeeesssssssskkkkk" you get what I mean and said to the gal" I am sorry but this call sound is HORRIFIC!" She replies with a happy tone" Well , thank you!" I said " No, NOT TERRIFIC ...HORRIFIC! LOL...

Anyways, I paid the 20 bucks when I got the phone for the shield. Now what I would like to know is there a Stylus that works with Galaxy Nexus?  She told me "No" but was so hard to hear here, that I am not sure if she meant "No, it won't work with the shield on" Any input would be great!


Re: Stylus

Don't think nails can get really long sometimes before I get around to filing them would help so much to be able to use my nails to type as I would have more accuracy than using my finger tips...

Re: Stylus

quick google search shows many options of stylus for sale for the nexus

Re: Stylus
Customer Support

Hi Noreen1155. Horrific is definitely not how we'd like you to describe your sound quality with us. From what you described, it's something better left for a Halloween soundboard. I'm about to through a lot of questions at you, but it'll help me get rid of your haunted house sound effects. You said it's only with certain callers. Is this only with outbound calls or incoming too? Is it random or always the same person/people? Are you using a bluetooth or corded headset? Do you have a case on your phone? Did the sound issue start with this replacement or did you have the same trouble with the last device too? Is the sound issue happening around a particular area?

As far as a stylus that works for the Nexus, Verizon Wireless doesn't have a stylus for the Nexus specifically, but I did a bit of digging and found a few styluses directly through Samsung for the Galaxy series devices. Here's a link to what I've found:

Thank you for helping me help you.

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