Sudden Huge data spike

Happening to anyone else?

For the first time in a decade, I am going way over my data usage while doing nothing differently. I am always connected to wifi and have switched off "switch to mobile data".

I am also seeing huge spikes during early morning hours when I'm asleep and I havnt even been using the phone.

I've already been charged 15$ for another GB with 13 days left, and within a matter of a couple days after that,  I am getting Verizon messages saying that I am nearly at the end of another GB and will be charged an additional 15$. 

This is rediculous, and if it keeps happening, I will absolutely be looking for another carrier.

Re: Sudden Huge data spike
Customer Service Rep

We value keeping you as a customer, and we understand the importance of understanding your data usage. Can you please tell us more about how you usually use your data? You can also monitor your data usage online. Please visit to learn more.