Sudden change in coverage

Service in my area (Two Creeks 32068 and Oakleaf 32068) have always been poor, but lately it is nearly non existent. We live in Two Creeks and cannot access any inet related services. It will say we are connected but no inet. This also appears to impact voicemail receipt and notifications, as they are received in group dumps several days after receipt. Sending any text with photo attached is nearly impossible.. My daughter's both have terrible service as well, one also has Galaxy S series, other has iPhone. It seems the problem suddenly got worse recently, though it was always pretty poor.

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Re: Sudden change in coverage
Customer Service Rep

Chilton, I do apologize for having the recent issues with the services. I know how important it is to stay connected. I would like to get to the bottom of this for you. I see you mentioned that service ha always been bad, I would like to know if the services are worse inside or outside? I would like for you to send us a private message via Facebook or Twitter so that we can look closer into this matter.