Suspended line reactivated at full price

I had the unfortunate experience of having a child who lost his phone and I went and suspended the line. The line reactivated mid-month and I was charged a prorated amount for the remainder of March and then full charge for April for a line that hasn't been used.

Your agent says it automatically does that after 90 days and I received an email at the end of March stating I would be charged. I somehow missed the email. When I looked up my bill on my phone app it said my bill was up from 158.62 to 241.98. Panic set in as we are not a great place financially right now because only one of us is working. I tried repeatedly from my phone app to deactivate the phone altogether with no such luck and couldn't reach a Verizon agent. 

Today, I was able to use a computer to chat with a Verizon agent who deactivated my line but said credit for that amount wasn't an option. I know it means nothing to you since you already charge my credit card but in my world, those extra charges that are not in our budget right now will add up to major interest charges or potential late fees for me. 

I am asking for a gesture of kindness in helping us out with unbudgeted costs for a phone that has not been used since January in this difficult time for a LONG TIME customer. Would I normally switch carriers over $83? Probably not but we are not living in a normal setting where I can run out and just be re-employed to cover that cost. Our state is on a stay at home order until May 5. Not all of us can work online from home.

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