Switch and get 150 tebate scam

I have posted earlier on this been talking to them private message and they pretty much told me I messed up on the rebate and activation fees that the sale man told me I would get there solution is to work out payment plan for the fee and I just fudgeed on the rebates which was 300 in rebatea going to fix and put in complaint and bbb done talking to them they ain't going to do anything they need to make sure  there in store sales people don't scam people in switching by lieing to a person then Verizon say ain't there problem

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Re: Switch and get 150 tebate scam
Customer Service Rep

We value your time, lee2378. I'm sorry for this experience, and this is not how we want our customers to feel. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information. I can certainly get a second opinion on this situation with your rebate submissions. Please send us a Private Message so we can continue working on this together.