Syncing Gmail contacts

Hi Verizon community and Galaxy S7 users and or experts,

I was just curious, do you sync your gmail contacts?

I've transferred my content from my previous Iphone onto my galaxy s7 with the app smart switch (I think that's the name of it).

It wasn't the greatest transition but it was certainly a fantastic idea.

Now, I'm writing because since upgrading to the new phone, i've stayed with google contacts syncing. I've stayed with them because originally I synced my iphone contacts to google, and then used google to bring them to my galaxy.

It's a neat idea but it seems more complicated then it needs to be.  I only use the application so I can have my contacts that I used to have.  But the syncing portion is kind of overwhelming and sometimes there are errors with the application and with my phone.  Lets just say it's not a smooth transition.

Is anyone else having issues or concerns with that? 

Would you recommend just putting my contacts on my phone ? (That means individually unlinking them from google, and then just manually adding each one to my phone) That way each contact isn't being filtered by a third party application? ?

Thoughts anyone??



Re: Syncing Gmail contacts
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Community Leader

I have synced my contacts through my Google/Gmail account for several years now and with several devices over those years. I have multiple devices currently accessing those contacts and none of the contacts are mixed up. If there were errors I had signed into my Gmail account from the computer on a web page and fixed them from there if I had a number of them to fix. Otherwise I would correct the error on one device and are corrected the next time they are synced to the other devices.

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