Tab S7 and My Verizon app
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I just got a Tab s7 (wifi only) and I am unable to access the My Verizon app using it.  I am able to fully access the website with no issues.  I have already tried force stopping app, clearing cache, reinstalling, etc and continue to have the issue.  I am not even to get to the log in portion, as soon as the app launches I receive an error stating.

We're sorry. It looks like we are having trouble connecting.
Please connect to an available WiFi network and try again. WiFi Settings
If your monthly service is due, please call (888) 294–6804 to make a payment and manage your account.
Check your connection and try again, or run a device health check.
To see credits for the open source libraries used in this app, please click here.

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Congrats on getting your new Tab S7!


We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems accessing your My Verizon account from it. Thank you for initating and completing the troubleshooting steps. Let's work together to get this resolved. 


Have there been any recent changes to your tablet? (e.g., software update, new apps downloaded, etc.) Is the issues happening only when you access the My Verizon Mobile App or is this also happening when you try accessing our website from your device's web browser?


It is possible that your browser may be caching on your end. Please sign out of your My Verizon account entirely and close any open browser windows. Once you've done so, please open an new tab and try re-accessing our website. Please keep our team updated. Thanks!  -Robert C.


I'm having the same issue with my Verizon app and website not working on my s7 tablet Wi-Fi. I've tried everything in the background, resetting, etc., even getting a new router from Verizon.

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Hello there, thank you for reaching out to us here about that tablet. We are sorry to hear you are having trouble with it. We can help you troubleshoot if you have a moment. Please, do us the kindness of sending us a Private Note, so we can get started.