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What is the purpose for having Tech support that cannot help aside from telling you to attempt to restart your phone?

I had a fingerprint scan and a number code on my phone to unlock. For the past week there has been a pattern that I did not put on my phone so my usage - aside from my hot spot - has been darn high and all tech support can tell me is to restart my phone because they can't change my code. Well something changed it and it wasn't me then the phone no longer allows for me to use my finger print to unlock the phone. My best case scenario is to factory reset my phone and if i don't know my google password be without a phone for at least 24 hours.

What's the purpose for having a smartphone if the support is not so intelligent?

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We understand that having access to your account is vital. Rest assured we are here to help in any way we can. Have you made any recent changes to your device? What is it asking for exactly? GeorginaG_VZW