Text Messages from Verizon
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Has anyone else been scammed by Verizon with their Text Messages alerting you that you are nearing data overages?  We received a 10% data left text message last month after being without power (aka Wifi down) due to Hurricane Zeta.  When we received the message we upped our data to unlimited plan (before hitting the limit).  Instead of getting charged for the difference in plan and whatever other ridiculous service fees the want to charge, they ALSO charged for overages because somehow in their mind they needed to prorate the original data plan back to half the month and half the data limit... but only apply the unlimited plan as of the date of the call.  So my being proactive based on their text actually cost me $75 MORE than had I just left it alone.  Seems like a total SCAM, or at best a UDAAP violation.  What is the purpose of that heads up text if there isn't the ability to remedy it to AVOID expensive data overages?   #vzw_support

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Re: Text Messages from Verizon
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When disaster hits, we work hard to ensure our customers have service and options, Imagee30. We will do all we can to make this right. Please look for and reply to our Private Note.