Text Messages that want me to click link because of virus

I keep getting text messages that show me a link to use. It says my phone is infected with a virus and it's draining my data usage. the link is https://bit.ly/33Tdn00. (do not click). It shows it is coming from Verizon Free Msg. The phone number is 929-585-5697. This isn't the only number that I have gotten this text from that is why I am certain it is a virus related message.

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Re: Text Messages that want me to click link because of virus
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@Isvance1956 ,

Thank you for sharing such helpful information with us. The text you are referring to is a spam text, which either wants to get your personal information or some other attempt to access your personal information. To report it, please follow the steps under #10 here: https://www.verizon.com/support/block-unblock-services-faqs/ . I would also recommend checking out our Call Filter app, as that will let you automatically block known spam numbers and report those that you do receive: https://www.verizon.com/solutions-and-services/call-filter/