Text changing to No Recipients after text

This has been so frustrating.

I have to open a "new text" every time I need to text someone. Her messages come through, mine go through, but I can not text her in our window because it says "No Recipients" at the top of the message, then in my messages app her name is "Anonymous". It would be nice to text back in our window and her name associated with the messages.

I've deleted the number, restarted my phone, blah blah blah.. Nothing works, goes right back to how it has been. This was after I switched to the Note20 Ultra 5G from another Samsung phone. 

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Re: Text changing to No Recipients after text
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We're stepping in to ease your frustration. We want to make sure that you stay connected to your friends and family via text message. When did this issue start? Are you using the text messaging feature on your phone or did you download a messaging application to your device?