Text messages going to my old device.

Yesterday, I tried to activate a Kazuna Etalk prepaid basic phone using the 4G sim card from my Galaxy S9 which is on a prepaid plan. I entered the new IMEI into Verizon and clicked activate. I was able to make and receive phone calls. I was also able to send text messages but not receive them. Later in the day, I discovered that all of the incoming text messages were still going to my S9 even though it didn't have a sim card installed. I believe that they only came though to the S9 when it was connected to wifi.

I spoke to a tech at Verizon who was quite confused by the situation. He indicated that the Etalk's preferred sim card is 5G and ordered one for me which doesn't make sense as it is a 4G phone.

Any ideas or suggestions? 

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