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Texts going to email on only one contact


I am having an issue sending texts to one of my contacts.  All of my texts are going to his synched work email, which I don't even have set up in my phone.  I can receive all of his texts though.  I looked at his contact info in my phone and it only has his phone number.  And, I am not having any issue with any other contacts.  I have called Verizon and they had me delete him, shut down my phone, turn it back on, reactivate, then add him back in...didn't work.  He also called his carrier, Sprint, went through several steps, and they say it's on my end.  Please help!  I have a Samsung Fascinate.  Thanks!

Re: Texts going to email on only one contact
Customer Support

Hey there mcgohon1,

This is a very odd issue that I have yet to come across.  If you don't have the e-mail address saved in your phone anywhere there wouldn't be any reason for the text message to get sent to his e-mail address.

Is he possibly using a third party texting application? It would have to be something within his phone, because like I said there is no reason for the text to go to his e-mail if it is not saved in your phone.  There may not be anything wrong with their network, but there would have to be something within his phone that is causing this to happen.

Please provide additional details so I can better assist.

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Re: Texts going to email on only one contact

Hi Nick,

I spoke with him and he is NOT using a 3rd party texting app.  He also verified with Sprint that my number is not somehow blocked on his phone.  I can call him, he can call me, he can text me, but when I reply it goes to his email.  He also tried deleting his email account and when I reply...nothing.  It's so baffling!