This is not right OK

I received my phone on the 25th of May and I've been having problems with it I've talking to a lot of people I've finally somebody supposed to have a  filed replacement warranty on June 3rd 2022 and I never got the confirmation number I've never got anything I just found out nobody's ever placed it so I'm getting done bad  my phone is totally hot I need a phone today if something happens to me Verizon's going to be reliable for Body damage injury et cetera yeah I was told a lot of times and I don't know why nobody's ever sent me a phone out my phone is completely hothis is not right

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Re: This is not right OK
Customer Service Rep

We want you to have a working and reliable phone, Shrekee79. It is awful to hear that you did not get a replacement you were expecting. I have sent a private note, so we can investigate this matter while keeping your account safe.