Time in status bar not updating
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I got my Note 9 last week, and I've noticed that the time in the status bar doesn't update correctly.  It is currently 4:04, but my status bar shows 3:52.  If I let the screen timeout and turn off, the lockscreen clock shows the correct time, but when I unlock the phone, it still displays wrong in the status bar.  At some point, the status bar will finally display the right time.  The longest differential I've seen is about 15 minutes.  This persists across unlocks and power cycles.  I've tried changing the update method from auomatic to manual and that didn't change anything.

So far, this is the only issue with the phone.  Any ideas of what else I can try?  The folks at the Verizon store didn't know of anything.

Re: Time in status bar not updating
Verizon Employee

We understand the importance of ensuring your phone displays the time correctly IalreadyHaveAnAccount. We want to be sure to get this issue resolved. Are you using the default clock app on the device or are you using a different app that you downloaded? Does the issue with the time happen in one specific location or does it happen anywhere you are?