Time to Settle The Argument...It'll Save Your Sanity...
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On other forums I have discussed this with people - of Big Four, Samsung did GSM carriers first, T-Mobile, then AT&T. Smaller then Larger. Then they started with CDMA carriers, Sprint, and now, presumably Verizon would drop next. Unlocked phones last (as Samsung has no contractual obligations to unlocked phones despite carriers). So, having said that...again...

I am also seeing MANY forums blaming Samsung for no upgrade yet on Verizon, and vice versa. The flow is Samsung sends the software to Verizon for testing. Verizon sends the build back after they test their preloaded software passes tests. Samsung posts it for OTA download - probably Beta testers first and everyone else second. Since Verizon cut the Beta testing after two builds, that list should be very small at this point. Question is - who is holding up the process, why they are holding up the process, etc.. That is the answer that no one knows the facts over - only Samsung and Verizon know this...and neither of them are talking.

Yes, it sucks, and yes, guilty as charged, I was complaining up a storm early on over not getting it. Then I thought, ok, after the Note 7 mess, they want things to be perfect or as perfect as possible. I get that, and I am willing to wait an additional week or two to get a finished and functional product instead of a botched up battery hog that drops WiFi or Bluetooth randomly.

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