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To return or not to return that is the question.

good day.

I just upgraded. days ago. Got a iphone 4s and the nex. I have been eagerly wating to upgrade to nex. I am a big fan of android...

My phone is having signal issues i get half the signal i usualy get. only droped calls or not able to call maybe twice but the web and data are sporatic. I have had one random reboot. one time the phone got hot and sluggish..

other than that the phone does not seem as bad as ohter peoples phones i have read about.

so are these minor problems? should i swap it out for another nex? or are the odds against me?

<content deleted per the >

unless verizon can put out the update..

btw it is verizon to blame for not pushing out the update.. the version of ics on our phones is from verizon.. visit googles developer pages if you dont belive me.. they actualy droped the verizon nexus board from the fourm..

honestly im more <keep it clean> at vz then the phone..<content deleted> they are greedy and I orignialy planed on switching carriers but got ropped back with discounts.. which i still have not recevied by the way

but the customer service with this phone and the current issues from vz is <keep it clean>. anytime they say a time frame about the update they honestly have no idea.. I am beggining to doubt anyone even knows anything at verizon especialy aout the update.. heck maybe that because vz does not even plan on updating / havent been working on the update.. even though so many people are having issues.

im optimistic though i think the nexus will be a great phone. its not bad even with all the problems.. then again i am coming from an og moto droid.. i have seen calculators that perform better than that thing did.. hehe

<Keep it clean, please> u sell a product but have no knowledge.. your greed is ever growing.... and your customers are alway moaning. they really need to take care of their customers and give us some solid info / promises.

what would u do if u were within 14 days? what phone would u get. I wish vz had the s2 or the note... but my wifes iphone is pretty fast i have to say.. damn they are fragile though...

will there ever be a perfect phone and carrier? probly not especialy if people keep spending the amounts of money they currently do on subpar products and services.. this is a capitalisimocracy you vote with your dollars and your dollars except this kind of crap!!!

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Re: To return or not to return that is the question.

what version of ics is this phone supposed to be on?

I am currently at 4.02 are some people on 4.03?

I have heard the 4.04 update has been coming out right now for some people... why cant they set up a manual update insteal of making us poor customers wait...?  I mean that is why we pay them.. right?

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Re: To return or not to return that is the question.

I also had a lot of problems with my new phone. After multiple visits to Verizon, it was determined that I am in a bad area for 4G. I first tried downloading an app that switched between the two, based on the service area. That did not work well for me as I was dropping calls (and not receiving texts) during the switch. I ultimately chose to set the phone to remain on 3G until 4G is stable in all areas where I live.

I know this is not a perfect solution but technology is what it is. I was assured in about a year (I will still have this phone) 4G will be available all over my service area. I will patiently await that day, as I love the phone otherwise!!