Trade In Fraud

Im a new Verizon customer and placed an order for a new phone on 11/04/21 for a Galaxy S21 that has a promotion for $800 off (in 24 month bill credits) if I traded in my old Galaxy S9. I followed all the directions for sending in my old phone on 11/12/21 and they received it the next day and assessed it on 11/20/21. It says after they assessed it that they received a Galaxy Note 3 and that I will not be getting any trade in credit.

Ive never even owned a Galaxy Note 3 and you can easily tell that it is a Galaxy S9 just by looking at it and the IMEI number that's in the phone can quickly tell you it is, in fact, an S9 just by a quick Google search. This is blatant fraud on Verizon's part and illegal since they are stealing my old phone for free. It would be one thing if it were damaged or something like that and I got a reduced trade in value but this is just blatant lying. The best part is that my old phone had the original sticker on the back of it still with the IMEI, Sim and phone/carrier information so I'm so confused as to how in the world they could even have possibly messed that up. 

I already plan on getting with BBB since customer service told me I'm lying basically but is there anything else that can be done short from a legal battle?

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