Trade In Promo for Note 20 Ultra
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Last week I purchased a new Note 20 Ultra at a Verizon in Costco. I received a letter outlining a trade in promotion that says if I trade in my Note 8, I can recieve $500 in credits for my bill.

When I go to the trade-in page, the only two options I get is to purchased a new phone and start the trade in or request an instant credit. I already have purchased the phone, so I do not wish to buy another one. And the instant credit is only $137 for my Note 8 I'm looking to trade in. What do I do?

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Re: Trade In Promo for Note 20 Ultra
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I know how important it is to make sure you receive all the promotions you qualify for. I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this. Costco locations are not corporate stores, so their promotions may differ. Do you have any documentation concerning the promotion? What plan do you have on your account? Please let me know, thanks.


Additionally, here's a link to the Note 20 Ultra, and the current promotion: Please click the blue link that says "See the details," to see the specifics of the promotion.  

Re: Trade In Promo for Note 20 Ultra

Do not know. I purchased my note 20 from website. They allowed me    $200 for my note 8 w/cracked screen and $150 in promotion credits to purchase products on their website.  It was the best trade-in deal I could get for a cracked screen device, Verizon offered zero and no promotional credits. Usually other retailer such as Bestbuy, Costco, Sams Club etc. have better promotional prices than Verizon on new phones. I purchased my note 8 from Bestbuy.