Trade-In Significantly Reduced Deceptive Practice
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I participated in a trade-in program that Verizon sponsored in which they offered me $800 for my Galaxy S10 (completely paid off) and I could upgrade to a new 5G S21 at no additional charge.  The credit would be generated each month which essentially made the S21 an equal trade.  

I kept the box that the new phone was shipped in along with the return label inside.  HOWEVER, something told me to take pictures of the box, the shipping label and the S10 phone front and back.  GLAD.I.DID.

My last two bills I have been charged for the new phone.  I was given $105 credit for the S10 because they said it had significant damage.  A complete and utter LIE.  Thank the good spirits for making me take pictures.   if there was damage done - Verizon did it after it left my hands.  My phone was in EXCELLENT condition - front and back.

I have been on hold now for over an hour on this trade in line after the chat agent told me that my phone had damage which is why it went from $800 offer to $105.  

At this point I'm ready to contact the FTC, my state's Attorney General and BBB.  I have seen many threads where Verizon has done this deceptive maneuver, and after being with them for decades, I am disgusted that this is happening now to me.

Have you been deceived? Did you take pictures?  What was your outcome?  I would have never participated in this program if I had known that this was a common occurrence with Verizon.  

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Re: Trade-In Significantly Reduced Deceptive Practice
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Catching up with post here on the forum, what were the results of the call? We can continue here if you prefer.


Re: Trade-In Significantly Reduced Deceptive Practice
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After waiting for an hour, and telling the Verizon Trade in people that I had pictures of my phone and the box, they could "not" locate any damage on the phone that I was told was originally damaged.  I received my full $800 credited value.

Thank you for asking.