Trade-In hasn't arrived to Verizon
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I'm new to Verizon with my own phone plan, I just got my new phone on August 20th. Last monday, August 23rd, I dropped my trade-in off at my local UPS store. I just got an email this morning stating that my trade-in hasn't arrived at Verizon. I didn't think to take a picture of the tracking number on the box.

Is there any way to get that tracking number from Verizon as it had been printed at my nearby Verizon store or no?

Will I be able to get the trade in discount if the phone doesn't arrive before the 15 days is up?

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Re: Trade-In hasn't arrived to Verizon
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Hello mem2017 and congratulations on your new phone. We can understand wanting to make sure you receive credit for your trade-in and we are here to help. When the device has been received, you will receive a notification that it has been processed. Have you checked your email to see if you have received a submission id for your trade-in? If so, you can verify once it has been received by checking the status here If you are unable to locate the submission id, you can also search via your email and the date you placed the order. I hope this information helps.-Candice