How can I view the travelpass charges in my current cycle.  My husband travels for work and uses the travelpass.  In order to be reimbursed the charges, he has to provide proof of charges.  If we have to wait for the cyce to end and then submit the bill, he could be waiting to submit his bills for up to 30 days.  There must be a way to print out a current on-going bill to show the daily travel pass charges.

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Re: Travelpass
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Let’s go over all the details regarding the Travelpass usage.  There is a time delay regarding international usage since customers outside the country are using an outside network.  Unfortunately there is no workaround for this time delay because of that.  However, we always make sure things are viewable as quickly as possible.  Here are some of the ways to view International Usage: (Number 8 in the “While you’re abroad” section.  You view it in this link by going to the My Usage section:

The other way to view it would on the bill itself, however this has a greater time delay like you had referenced.  Here is more information: