Tried to change phone number didnt work, now no incoming texts or calls

Tried every single troubleshooting method there can possibly be, yet customer service keeps telling me to try..  The phone number change needs to be deleted since it didn't get pushed through. I can't get calls or texts and need my phone for work. 

The ticket was created, tier 2 tech support said 24 hours and it should work.  Passed 24 hours and nothing!  Why can't backline just delete the request? 

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Re: Tried to change phone number didnt work, now no incoming texts or calls
Customer Service Rep

@Iknowtech ,

We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your phone number, but there's a bit more we'd need to know on this in order to best assist you. When you say that you had "tried to change (the) phone number," what exactly did you go through to do that? I ask because this link would show the path/steps to make such a change: . Did you go through that, or something else? When you sign into your My Verizon account, does it match the phone number that is listed on your phone? Normally a number change is completed within a few minutes, as you'd need to restart your phone for the change to finish. If you had already contacted us, and a network ticket was filed, those can take 3-5 business days, as all tickets are worked on in the order they are received. Did you receive any confirmation of some sort of ticket being created? As for your question on deleting your number change request, that depends entirely on if the change is pending or not - once you change your phone number to something else, you cannot go back to the old number, and we can only cancel a change if it is pending, not if it has been completed by the system.