Trouble since joining Verizon

I have had issues since the start of signing on with Vetizon. I'm still not on 5G with the top of the line samsung galaxy S22 ultra. Multiple stores, calls, passed around before a rep contacted me. Now? A few months in? Still not on 5G. And the app won't take my bill payment. I've used this card two previous bill cycles. Calling any number for assistance leads you into an unanswered tailspin only to end up at the store for answers. I mean seriously...  I've been nice way too long....   

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Re: Trouble since joining Verizon
Customer Service Rep

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, AmberWoodson7. This is not the experience we want for our customers and we want to help you get this resolved. We know how important it is to have a working phone and be able to pay your bill. Let’s get some additional information. To clarify, is your device having problems with calls, data or text messages?