Try Samsung's Good Lock if you have a Note with Pie and hate the new task switcher
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If you have a Galaxy Note, I recommend you install the Good Lock app from the Galaxy store (NOT the Play store).  It offers a lot of extra customization to your Samsung phone, including

- You can get rid of the (IMO) horrible new Android Pie task switcher and restore it to what it was before

- You can put the clock back on right side of the status bar where it belongs IMO :), instead of Android Pie's new positioning it on the left side.

- You can see a list of all the apps that have vibrated your phone, so when you feel your phone vibrate, but can't figure out what app caused it, this will let you know

There are lots of other nice little things, but those are the 3 I've found most useful.  It's an official Samsung app, and I haven't found any issues with it.

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