Trying to activate an old S4 but says its not compatible on network??
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This is totally not how you should treat a loyal customer of 15 years! No notification was given prior to me just now being told of it. Then the guy tried telling me,... remember how the old TVs went from analog to digital as a way of "helping" me understand.... I said ya, you mean the analog to digital conversion that the FCC gave like 10 years notice of and you could still use your old TV with a new Digital box they would give you for free if you requested it!? Ya, I remember that.   The fact that my Note3 is older and is apparently "grandfathered" in means the network still supports the older phones, and Verizon is just trying to make people buy new ones. I could maybe understand it if the phone wasn't purchased by me straight from Verizon... If they had advertised when I bought the S4 that it will only work for 5 years and then must be thrown away... I would not have bought it.  Also I could buy a prepaid Verizon SIM card and it would work, which also shows the S4 will work on their network.

Upgrading the network, or corporate greed. looking at the evidence before me, I think corporate greed. I already had to buy a network extender at my own expense to make Verizon work at my house... give them 3k a year plus usually and extra 700 to 1000 every other year...15 years...this is like a bad relationship Verizon.

Very disappointed in your lack of compassion as well as your sense of right and wrong.

Re: trying to activate a S4 I bought from Verizon years ago for my 82 year old Dad to use.  After they run me driving around for 3 hours and at least 2 hours on the phone they tell me its not compatible with their network anymore and I must buy a new phon
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If the Note 3 is still activated on the network, that's why it is grandfathered in. The activation restrictions started in July 2018 and is related to the CDMA network retirement. CDMA Network Activation Retirement | Verizon Wireless. The Note 3 will no longer work when the CDMA network is shutdown at the end of 2019.

You need a phone capable of HD Voice to be able to be activated on the Verizon Wireless network now. The Samsung Galaxy s4 isn't one that has HD Voice.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Trying to activate an old S4 but says its not compatible on network??

There is no need to notify you for the S4, it’s wasnt in use.  You will be informed in advance when the Note 3 will no longer work on the network. 

Meanwhile you were correctly denied activation on the S4 - notification delivered. 

Re: Trying to activate an old S4 but says its not compatible on network??
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There is always a need to notify paying customers. Especially those that have been subject to Verizon's gimicks and ploys for 15 years.  You should work on your grammar before you act sassy to someone who has a very legitimate complaint.  This is all an obvious action of corporate greed and corruption.  The new network is just a China owned 5G network sending our most rival (communist) nation all of our digital intelligence.  Also- correctly denied seems pretty presumptious and is also extremely false: I just had a manager override the restriction and activate an S4 for me.