USB Connection & Android Auto Not Working After Recent Update

So this past week's update messed up my USB connections on my laptop and Android Auto in my car no longer works.  The day before (December 19th) I had connected my phone to my PC to transfer files and used Android Auto and then on December 20th I installed that update and later that day couldn't connect to my PC anymore.  It says 'device malfunctioned' and will only charge.  Then today I went to use Android Auto because I needed the GPS to get somewhere and guess what?  Nothing!

There is no doubt that this update messed up USB connections and that is RIDICULOUS!  I factory reset the phone today and both issues still occur.

Is there anything that can fix this??  I am at a loss and VERY angry!!

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Re: USB Connection & Android Auto Not Working After Recent Update
Customer Service Rep

That definitely sounds like a frustrating situation, Odin72. We definitely understand how important it is to connect your PC to your device. We want to help. Have you tried uninstalling the Android Auto Application off of your device to see if re-installing it makes any difference. What is the make and model of the device that you are using?


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